After spending more than 20 years adjusting claims for an insurance company, Irwin Rogers started the Irwin Rogers Insurance Agency in 1979.  Before long he knew that he wanted to specialize in providing insurance coverage for long term care facilities.  He believed from the start that the agency should have a working relationship with the long term care industry and participate and support the regional health care associations.  The agency maintains memberships with the Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington Health Care Associations.

In 1983 Irwin’s oldest son, Gary, joined the agency.  Gary had spent the previous ten years in sales and marketing graphic arts and the industrial chemical industries.   He enjoys the challenge of making insurance coverage do its best work for the long term care industry.

Irwin’s daughter Jana, joined the agency in July of 1993.   Jana’s work experience was mostly administrative support in a law firm, a public relations firm and an advertising agency.   She now keeps the agency office running smoothly.  She is usually the initial contact for clients who call with requests for assistance and information.

Irwin is now in his 80’s and still arrives every work-day in a suit and “loud” necktie (his trademark).  He does take time out to pursue his special projects which include over-sea’s mission trips.  He has handed off most of the day-to-day agency matters  to Gary and Jana.